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Management of real estate assets

To believe in property values is not enough. It is becoming increasingly important to find ways to optimise the investment in each square meter, to make it more profitable. Circumstances change very quickly. However, we like to believe that all unforeseen events are a new opportunity to make things better.

Homeowners’ Associations

Some people think that managing a homeowners’ association only entails the planning of a few meetings every year. However, our job is to manage efficiently all issues that arise in the building between each meeting so that they run smoothly and don’t drag on too long. That is the best way to prove we are doing a good job.

Marketing real estate assets

What is better, to sell or to let? Sale & lease-back or exchange? In order to find that out, we honestly believe that it is better to analyse every specific case. We will help you find the best solution for you so that we can accomplish our main goal: to give you total peace of mind.


Armadans Sancho started working for you 50 years ago. It is exactly our experience in the real estate industry what makes it possible for us to give you personalised advice every time you make an inquiry, conduct a market or feasibility study or simply give you our opinion on the price of a specific property.

Technical Service

At Armadans Sancho we are not content with just calling technicians when a problem arises. We take incident prevention very seriously. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”; unfortunately, some people just ignore it. Our Technical Department works hard to guarantee that all prevention measures are taken and to manage tasks such as the monitoring of building works or the supervision of inspections that are sometimes more stringent than the mandatory ones (e.g. Technical Inspection of Buildings).